On Repeat

I’m back with another music piece, sharing some songs from my current ‘on repeat’ playlist. Within the world of Christian music, we have everything from instrumental hymns to contemporary worship music of all styles. There’s such a diverse pool of talent and available music from so many amazing artists—all seeking to bring glory to God through their lyrics and message. So in no particular order…

  1. Yahweh – Jokia 

“Love came rushing in, so fear couldn’t have me!”

I already know this song will end up in my most played songs of 2021—Jokia writes contemporary christian music built on scripture. The first line of her song led me straight to 1 John 4:18 “But perfect love drives out fear…” A confident loving-trust in God cannot cohabit alongside destructive fear. The immeasurable strength from God’s perfect love overwhelms every negative influence of fear. God is love—and when the love of God permeates our soul, no anxious thoughts can overwhelm this love within us.

  1. Excess Love – Mercy Chinwo

The version with JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise will certainly move you. I heard a cover of this song last year and it was so beautiful. The song is an appreciation of God’s love in our lives and how amazing it is. It starts with

“Your love is kind

Your love is patient”

From the well-known scripture 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Here, Paul lists the enriching and edifying qualities that are found in godly love. At his core, God is love—He alone loves in the completeness and perfection of love. So when listening to this song, we’re reminded that love comes from God.

  1. In Theory – Grace Tena

“In Theory” reminds us to trust God. One line in the song says “You have freed me from everything that made me feel unworthy”. I recently wrote a piece called God’s masterpieces—We are something crafted, with skill and a purpose, by God, for His purposes. God made every single one of us with a beauty and complexity that the world does not see and gave us a unique purpose here on earth.

  1. Morning Sun – Marizu 

I’ll keep on winning all the time 

Because Your Spirit lives inside me

This song serves as a beautiful encouragement that despite life’s chaos, we can find peace in Jesus Christ. The snippet above reminds me of Romans 8:10—We were made to live in total dependence upon God and not rely upon ourselves. The Holy Spirit both leads and empowers us to live as God designed us to live. 

  1. No Better Days – CalledOut Music

This song is from CalledOut Music’s recent EP [Coming Home]—If I’m honest, the entire EP is a vibe so I would recommend listening to it. Similar to the above song, “No Better Days” also mentions the strength we have from the Holy Spirit living inside us. Ephesians 3:16-20 states that it is the Holy Spirit’s power that is at work in us that enables us to live differently. When God begins to live in us in the form of the Holy Spirit, he gives us a new heart [a regenerated heart]. With this heart, we are able to renew our minds to his truths found in His word.

  1. Be Okay – ZOE Music

I’m only two years behind on discovering this EP [so we’ll ignore that]—but ZOE Worship blends contemporary Christian music and expresses the freedom and joy found in following Jesus. Part of ‘Be Okay’ says:

When my faith has failed

Your love will still embrace me

Usually when our faith fails it is because we have turned our gaze away from Jesus Christ and we are looking at our own unworthiness. The more we look at ourselves and how hopeless we are in our own strength, we will always feel inadequate. But when we look to Jesus, we can come to God without fear and be bold as we kneel before our Him and dwell in His presence [See Hebrews 10:19].

  1. Yeshua – Folabi Nuel 

I recently discovered this song—the message is simple: There is no name greater than Jesus. 

Philippians 2:9 ‘Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name’.

Jesus is the very essence of God; he went from being seated in the highest place of honour and power, to the very lowest possible position [death on a Cross]. Jesus was not deserving of death, but chose to give His life willingly, as the ransom price for our sins. For this reason, Jesus alone is to be highly exalted. He alone is to be worshipped and honoured. This song emphasises this and gives all the glory and honour to Our Father.

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