My go-to faith based apps

In no particular order….

  1. YouVersion 

It goes without fail that the YouVersion app is a must have—from the reading plans and videos through to the verse of the day stories and the notes/highlights section. The app has helped me to start and end each day with God. The ‘Verse of the Day Stories’ has been a great way for me to start my morning devotion and completing reading plans on verse topics [such as Christian living, purpose and faith, and currently: yearly Bible plan] has allowed me to create a daily routine for spending time in God’s Word. If you don’t have the app already, I would 100% recommend it.

  1. Abide 

Abide is a Christian meditation app to bring more peace and less stress into our daily life. There are numerous features such as a prayer timer, calming background music and sounds, guides, and bedtime stories.

I initially used the app to help me sleep at night—working long hours meant I struggled to completely switch off when I got into bed. Listening to guided meditations helped me to be still in God’s presence and relax before I went to sleep. I now use the app in the morning [as part of my routine] and guided meditation helps me look to God as my source and gain greater intimacy with Him before starting work.

  1. Daily Prayer

The name tells you all—it’s very simple to use and has helped me spend time in Scripture and prayer throughout the day. While praying in the morning and evening have become the norm, the daily prayer app has four prayers each day [morning / midday / evening / late evening] and pausing throughout the day, particularly in the afternoon is something I enjoy. As with most apps, you can set a custom notification for each prayer time and set times to match your schedule to help establish daily rhythm. If you’re like me and want to pray more, this app helps to set  a good foundation and pause throughout your day to be still in God’s presence.

  1. Jesus Calling Devotional 

365-day devotional filled with words of encouragement, comfort, and reassurance of Jesus’ unending love. Now I don’t use the app as I prefer the physical book but it works the same way. Each day there is a full devotional text and Scriptures to reflect on—based on Jesus’ own words of hope, guidance, and peace. This was my go-to at university and would often discuss the devotional with friends.

  1. TBN 

I use the TBN app mainly to watch ‘Better Together’ episodes on the go. A bit of background, Better Together is a faith-centred talk show where they discuss faith, family, friends and much more. When I initially joined connect group [with some girls from church], we would watch the talks and discuss what stood out to us, the main teachings etc. Now working from home, I’ve enjoyed watching these whenever I have some free time—a recent episode which I found really good was ‘A Heart to Serve’ [S3, EP 214].

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