My go-to Christian Podcasts

In no particular order…

  1. Transformation Church

I started watching Transformation Church back at university and have enjoyed the sermons and messages since. The podcast is a great extension, especially if you don’t have the time to sit down and watch it on Youtube. I found listening to the message on my morning walks a refreshing way to start the day [would recommend the Forgiveness University series]. Pastor Mike has such a genuine spirit! He is so transparent and relatable in everyday life situations; and I love how he intertwines the Word into his messages. 

  1. Joyce Meyer Ministries 

I usually listen to Joyce’s podcast on long drives—her practical style of teaching is great.

She has a heart and a passion for not just reaching others for and with Christ, but to make sure you’re living a life worthy of the calling. This was probably the first christian podcast I listened to and I certainly began to see myself implementing changes in my life, becoming more obedient to God’s Word. Joyce truly is a woman of God, but she is not a pretentious preacher who acts as if they’ve never sinned; she lets you know her faults and the one who has changed her, giving hope to all that they can too!

  1. Lily’s Voice 

I follow Lily’s Voice on Instagram where she shares faith-based words of encouragement and found her podcast a beautiful extension of that. This is a weekly podcast that delves into the various experiences that Christians have throughout their faith. The episodes are quite short and have been perfect for my morning walk to the station. She ended season one with ‘Your foundation’ where she talks about having a firm foundation in faith, the ways our foundation can impact us and how a strong foundation can benefit us through life’s ups and downs.

  1. Overcomer 

Modupe has created the perfect girl chat podcast—promoting healing, learning from one another and growth. My favourite episode is ‘Stop beating yourself up’. The focal scripture was Psalm 103:12 and I enjoyed the discussion around forgiving ourselves and learning to heal from our past. I would recommend listening as she has just finished recording season one, so there are enough episodes to binge on.

  1. Equip and Empower with Christine Caine

I first discovered Christine Caine while watching Better Together on TBN. Her podcast is so refreshing—she illuminates scripture in the context of practical messages for everyday, empowered living in God. I love the way she addresses many present issues and connects it back to Biblical times to help us understand it better. Her energy and love for Jesus is definitely contentious. 

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  1. LOVE Transformation church. Crazy Faith is still a encouraging, challenging message as are so many of them!

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