How To Motivate Yourself on “Off” Days

We all have days when we feel “off”, where we sit and contemplate our lives. We go from 100 to 0 in the matter of seconds and let’s be honest, it’s so much easier to sit and watch Netflix instead of doing anything productive. While I agree that rest is good and most definitely essential, if that’s all we’re doing then the likelihood of getting anything done is zero. With quarter 4 of 2021 round the corner, here are some tips on learning how to motivate yourself on an “off” day.

  1. Set small achievable goals and find an accountability partner

Writing your goals down is a good habit to cultivate in your life, as it helps you keep track of the progress you make in achieving them [see GOD + GOALS post for more tips on how to set goals]. 

Also, tell a friend [or accountability partner] about your goals. This was something I did for the first time this year and it has helped me massively. Often accountability partners help you stay on track—they know your objectives and will help you recognise the times when you start becoming unfocused. They also keep you motivated and help you push the limits.

  1. Establish a good morning routine 

At the beginning of the year, I read ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Erod [btw, I recommend reading]. In the book, Erod uses an acronym called S.A.V.E.R.S which is the morning routine in a nutshell. He advises waking up an hour earlier [than your usual time] to go through each step. One part of the routine I love is ‘A’ for affirmations.

Positive affirmations are an amazing way to wire your brain in such a way that you overcome anything that’s holding you back from getting things done. It is similar to self-talk as how you talk to yourself dictates how your life will be.

  1. Take breaks

We millennials are so busy with our work life that we often forget to do things that actually relieves us from stress. Self-care is an essential element to keep you sane in tough times. Taking out 30-45 minutes every day to give ways to activities that motivate you is necessary to deal with stress and anxiety as they bring your focus to the present moment.

For me, this is either picking up a book or heading out for a run. But it can also include going for a walk, meditating, calling a friend—the point is to choose something that you enjoy as these instantly lift your mood. Do something exciting and be in the moment.

  1. Celebrate Small Wins

The power of small wins is impeccable as they later compound into achieving your big wins. So don’t just sit and wait to celebrate your big goals. 

Whenever you accomplish a goal, give yourself a small reward. Celebrating small wins doesn’t only make you feel great, but it also propels you to strive for success and overcome challenges. Doing this will always keep you motivated and be productive in finishing your work.

2 responses to “How To Motivate Yourself on “Off” Days”

  1. […] How To Motivate Yourself on “Off” Days […]

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  2. Excellent list! I especially have found written goals and morning routine to have been a huge assist during my working years. Now retired, they still lead me.

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