What Does It Mean to ‘Abide’ in Christ?

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week and I’ve still been reflecting heavily on Sunday’s message—Remain. How do we remain over the course of time?

To ‘remain’ [or abide] is to stay, to hang-out, to be steadfast. There’s a strength that comes from remaining. If we dip in and out of faith, dependent on life’s circumstances, we will not have a house to withstand the weather [and any storms that comes our way].

And now, dear children, remain in fellowship with Christ so that when he returns, you will be full of courage and not shrink back from him in shame.

1 John 2:28

Here in verse twenty-eight, John tells us why remaining is so important—Jesus is coming. While we may not be perfect, we should be purposeful and intentional in our lifestyle and walk with Jesus. We should be consistent in honouring Him because He is coming. And when we keep in mind that Jesus is coming back, it causes us to look at everything that is happening in our daily lives as an opportunity to serve Him [essentially seeing things through an eternal lens].

In the previous verses, John also acknowledges progression. He starts off speaking to little children [see 1 John 2:12], then young men [see 1 John 2:13] and lastly to fathers. John recognises progression and growth in remaining. It is a journey to honour God throughout our lifetime. My main takeaway from Sunday’s message was the beginning stage—’little children’ [anyone in need of a father]. The goal of this stage in the development is coming to know the Father; so that we know, by His stripes, that we have been healed. As believers, [and I’m definitely guilty of this] we try to skip this important phase… jumping straight to adulthood without building a firm foundation. We need to know who our Father [God] is—cultivating a relationship with Him. Knowing what His voice sounds like, depending on the One who knows and loves us the most.

Build a firm foundation and remain there until He releases you.

3 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to ‘Abide’ in Christ?

  1. I love your synonym phrase for “abide”: hang out! That’s just what it’s like, as we spend some quiet time with him, studying God’s Word and praying, and then practice his presence throughout the day–taking moments here and there to talk to him and worship him, listening to music with him that draws our attention to him, and more. Thank you, Vivian, for a fresh take on a familiar passage of scripture!

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