Being Intentional [part I]

In this new series, I’m going to unpack what it looks like to ‘Be Intentional’; whether that’s your walk with God, your money, your time, your relationships [the list is endless]. Intentionality is so important, as it gives us believers purpose and direction, and eliminates the need for striving. So in today’s post, I’m going to focus on ‘Being Intentional With Your Walk With God’.

Your relationship with God is truly your most important priority in this life. It is the foundation on which you build everything else. It is the way you will make it through the “narrow gate”. In Matthew 6:33, it reads ‘seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need’. God’s kingdom and his righteousness is what we should seek first. The following scriptures [see Matthew 7] on living an intentional life make it clear that God should be on the throne of our lives. When He is in the proper position, everything else falls into place.

And it’s not to say that there won’t be struggles, or that life won’t cause us pain; but rather when difficult circumstances arise, we will not be shaken. The foundation of our lives will be firmly grounded in Christ. Here are three principles from the passages mentioned above:

  1. God’s rightful place is on the throne of our lives.
  2. Our faith, which is our relationship with Christ, is what will ensure that we make it to heaven.
  3. When Jesus is Lord of our lives, and heaven is our end goal, all other priorities fall into place, and seemingly tough decisions become simple.

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