February Newsletter

Welcome to the February newsletter—the word of the month: faith.

In the sermons I’ve watched, the music I’ve listened to, the Bible Plans I’ve studied, faith has been a central theme and one I’m excited to dive into today. 

To begin, what is faith? Hebrews 11:1 simply states “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (KJV). From this one verse, we come to understand that faith is:

  1. Now 

It is not “later”, or “one day”—faith is present today. It is taking God’s Word as truth right now. So whatever you are hoping for, open your heart and expect that God is working on your behalf, right now. Believe that God will come through for you, today. Stand strong and declare that the victory is yours, now. Let your words put action behind your “now” faith and receive His strength and power to see victory in every area of your life.

  1. Substance

The word for “substance” (KJV) in the verse faith is the substance of things hoped for, is alternatively translated as “assurance” (ESV), “confidence” (NIV), and “the reality” (NLT). The original Greek term refers to a title deed or a legal document guaranteeing the right to possess a property. If we take buying a property as an example, when an offer is accepted, or once the contract is exchanged the deal is not done until the title deed has changed ownership. And so once you have that title deed, you know that property is yours—and that’s what faith is. We have a title deed—the Word of God (our firm foundation)

  1. Evidence

It is a convincing proof, we do not have to see faith to know it. As author C. S. Lewis wrote, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

  1. Things

Faith cannot create anything, it can only obtain what already exists. The only person who is able to create something out of nothing is God—and when God speaks He creates (His protection, His provision, His mercy, His healing power, His grace, His forgiveness). The Bible is filled with thousands and thousands of promises—He has spoken them into existence in the heavenly realm and they are ready for us to obtain by faith. And so, by faith we obtain what already exists. Matthew 16:19 “….whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven”.

Faith is not man-made. It is given and parted to us by God. All we have to do is receive. To end, here are some practical tips to be a good receipt of faith:

  1. Know the Word [refer to 2 Peter 2:12]
  2. Speak the Word [refer to Ephesians 6:17]
  3. Do the Word 

February prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for the gift of faith. Please help me to live by faith today, to live with assurance and conviction, confidence in You and Your word. I pray that day by day my loving trust in You and the reality of Your Word will become increasingly established within my heart–for I long to please You in all I say and do and am. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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