How to get out of a spiritual funk

So… you’re in a spiritual funk (been there). You read your Bible, but don’t learn a thing. You pray, but nothing happens. You sing, but don’t feel God’s presence. All your Christian friends seem to be “on fire for God,” yet you’re doubting your faith. While you should be grateful for the sense of God’s nearness, and the times when you’re rapidly progressing in godliness, this … Continue reading How to get out of a spiritual funk

Counterfeit Gods: A Review

I’m back with another book review, this time on Counterfeit Gods (The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope that Matters) by Timothy Keller. Keller’s wisdom and biblical understanding helps to identify the idols in our own heart and replace empty promises with hope in Christ. Without revealing too much from the book, here are some insights which stood out to … Continue reading Counterfeit Gods: A Review

On Repeat

I’m back with another music piece, sharing some songs from my current ‘on repeat’ playlist. Within the world of Christian music, we have everything from instrumental hymns to contemporary worship music of all styles. There’s such a diverse pool of talent and available music from so many amazing artists—all seeking to bring glory to God through their lyrics and message. So in no particular order… … Continue reading On Repeat