Putting God First

You have something that takes priority in your life. We all do. It changes our schedules, captures our passions and causes sacrifices. We defend it. We fight for it. We claim it. What comes first in your life?  For the Christian, God should come first. He should capture our passions. His worship should change our […]

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It’s okay to slow down

If there’s one thing this pandemic / panna cotta / panoramic [whatever you want to call it] has taught me is that it’s okay to slow down. Before March last year, slowing down was something I avoided, and when forced to do it, it often felt uncomfortable. Having no choice but to slow down, I […]

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What is success?

While many people will define success as making money, having a big house and driving the latest cars. Or having good relationships, lots of friends and an active social life. The Bible tells us the pathway to success is to commit our ways to the Lord—when we align our hopes and dreams to God’s Will, […]

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